R2T provides on-time, value for money enterprise solutions that mean reliable, disruption free operations allowing optimum uptime of your solution. The application architecture is Java/J2EE or .NET based and frameworks oriented and enhanced capability of elasticity that responds well to expansion in both high velocity vertical and horizontal demand scenarios. We deploy the latest micro enterprise technologies for Mobile apps too.

- Web applications

Contemporary web application design, goes will with any kind of smart devices, static and dynamic apps using java, .net and PHP based programming, integrates with various RBMSs and Webservices etc..

- Virtualization

The Microsoft Windows server infrastructure planning and architecture hides the technological complexity behind the enhanced flexibility of business requirements. This virtualization will give you an unmatched ease of functionality. What is more, your changing requirements can be easily accommodated into our solutions which offer varied flexibility and quick adaptability.

- Reporting and Analytics

R2T analytical tools and reporting is based on Hadoop framework that runs on Big Data. That takes care of the high speeds at which data flows in and even if they are of bigger volumes and the data is of varied types. We analyze all these complex parameters to provide you real time metrics in easily understandable graphics.